Our Vehicle Shipping Quote Process

Let us help with your move.
You may be snowbirds flying south for the winter. Maybe you are a young family relocating as part of your early career advancement. You may be transferring across country or around the world. Regardless, your move will take a lot of work and planning, even more so if you have to ship your vehicles.

In less than a minute, we can provide you with a competitive car transport quote from our reliable, trustworthy carriers.
To start our Vehicle Shipping Quotes Process, you only need to complete our quick rate request form from any page.

You will need to provide us with the following information:
  • Vehicle type, make, and model;
  • where you are moving from;
  • where you are moving to;
  • when; and
  • your email address so that we can forward a copy of your instant quote.

That’s it!

For most passenger vehicles, we don’t need your name, address, or phone number to prepare an instant personalized quote. We will collect that later when you decide to retain our services. For special vehicles, like RVs, boats, heavy equipment, or custom work, we will have our shipping specialists get back with you quickly to develop a quote for your needs.

We only ask for your email address so that we can forward a copy of the quote to you for your records. We will never spam you or sell that information to a third party vendor.

We will display our professional auto transport quote immediately on screen.
You won’t even have to leave the page!

The quote will show the information that you submitted in addition to a reference number for your use when you call to finalize your booking.

Customize your quote further.
Where available, we will give you pick-up and delivery options so you can specify how best to serve you.
  • Terminal to Terminal – In our least expensive option, you will drop off and pick up your vehicle from our nearest terminal locations.
  • Terminal to Door – If you prefer to drop off your vehicle at our terminal nearest to where you’re moving from and have our carrier deliver it to your new location, please choose the “Delivery” option.
  • Door to Terminal – If you would rather our shipper pick up your vehicle at your old location and drop it off at the terminal nearest to your destination, please choose the “Pick-up” option. Then you will need to retrieve your vehicle from the terminal.
  • Door to Door – The easiest, most hassle-free option is to choose both “Pick-up” and “Delivery.” Our shipper will pick up your vehicle from your old location and deliver it to your new one. All you have to do is be there to sign for it on both ends.

Other vehicle transport options from ShipMyVehicle.com
Expedited: We deliver your vehicle sooner.
Top-load: We guarantee your vehicle is delivered on the top rack. This protects your finish from possible damage by any falling debris or fluids from other vehicles being transported.
Enclosed: Fully enclosed transport is the best protection available for your vehicle’s exterior.

Once you receive your instant on-screen quote for auto transport, you can choose any of these options to see how it affects the price.

Call us toll-free to book your car move.
When you are ready, call us at 844-381-1734 to finalize your booking. We will check to see if you are eligible for additional discounts.

We also offer special services for special deliveries.
When you would like to use a top load or enclosed carrier, conduct a valuation, or expedite your shipment, we will be happy to talk you through these options. Just give us a call.

When you need to move your motorcycle, ship your boat, or transport anything from antique autos to articulated haulers, our customer service agents are available now to help you through this process and provide a customized quote. Please call 844-381-1734.