What affects the price to ship my car?

How ShipMyVehicle.com determines rates for auto transport
There are several moving parts to take into consideration when we put together your custom vehicle shipping quote.

origination point of your move.
Whether that is your location or one of our 100 terminals across the continental United States.

The destination point of your move.
Again, whether that is your location or ours.

The timing and schedule of your move.
Need it there yesterday? That’s going to cost more. We can definitely expedite your shipment, just let us know how soon you need it.

What type of vehicle you’re moving.
Size and weight affect gas mileage and the type of equipment that we use to haul it.

Whether or not the vehicle is working.
If it’s not, that introduces additional expense.

Available upgrades include top load shipping, enclosed shipping, and expedited services.

We specialize in moving vehicles to Hawaii and internationally.
That means we are able to provide you with competitive rates for your global shipping needs, as well. ShipMyVehicle.com and our partners are committed to delivering reliable professional service. Read more about our international shipping.

You can fill out our quick quote form to find out how much it will cost to transport your car.