How much does it cost to move my boat?

Once you fill out our instant quote request form, we go to work for you to source the best rate to ship your boat safely and timely, where and when you need it. and our partners are at the top of the game when it comes to shipping any vehicle, anywhere. Including your houseboat, your powerboat, your sailboat, your tugboat, or all of the above.

What we need to determine the lowest cost to ship your watercraft When you complete our quick and easy, one-time quote request form, we’ll ask:
  • where you’re moving from;
  • where you’re moving to;
  • the timeframe of your move;

Based on the size and type of your boat, we’ll assign the specific customized rig, truck and trailer, to the job. Some boats require custom lowered trailers in order meet highway height clearances. Our drivers are experienced and specially certified in loading and handling all types of boats.

We’ll deliver a custom quote for moving your boat that also includes:
  • All associated permits and required escorts
  • Full insurance with the option of additional coverage
  • Tow service upon request
  • Assistance in transporting your boat on your own trailer, by request.

Please fill out our quick quote form to get the best rate to transport your watercraft.